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6-pin tinyAVR Family

ATtiny10 ATtiny9 ATtiny5 ATtiny4
Flash 1 KBytes 1 KBytes 512 Bytes 512 Bytes
ADC 4 ch 8-bit No 4 ch 8-bit No

All these parts are pin compatible to Microchip’s PIC10F product family, but outperform the competition in speed, in power consumption and in features.

Target Applications

The ATtiny10/9/5/4 can perform both as a distributed controller in large systems delivering

intelligence where needed, or as a sole main controller in small embedded systems. Typical

applications include:

• Electronic toys and games

• Circuit breakers, soft start relays and zero-crossing control

• Intelligent sensors, ADCs and sensor interfaces

• Glue logic

• Personal care, shavers, and toothbrushes

• Accessories for mobile or cordless telephones

• Air fresheners

• Medical testers, dispensers and inhalers

• Remote controls and controllers

• Home automation and household appliances

• Lighting control and dimmers

• Alarms, safety and security

Key Features and Benefits

The main features are:

• 1 KB or 512B Flash program memory

• 32 bytes internal SRAM

• 8-bit ADC with 4 single-ended channels (ATtiny10 and ATtiny5)

• Rail-to-rail analog comparator

• 16-bit timer/counter with prescaler and PWM output

• Programmable wake-up and watchdog timers

• Low power consumption

- 200 μA in active mode at 1MHz and 1.8V

- 25 μA in idle mode at 1MHz and 1.8V

- 100 nA in power-down mode at 1.8V

• Up to 12 MIPS throughput at 12 MHz