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Atmel QTouch Library

What is Atmel QTouch Library?

Through a free Limited License Agreement, users gain access to the state-of-the-art QTouch library. The library supports up to 32 channels. Buttons, sliders and rotors are supported, and any combination of these elements can freely be configured. The precompiled software libraries come with a well defined API that ensures easy integration with the customer code.

QTouch Library is well suited for applications needing a limited number of touch channels, or for customers who want to embed touch functionality in their existing AVR microcontroller designs.

QTouch Library Roadmap

The QTouch Library comes precompiled for target Atmel AVR devices. Version 2.0 includes full tinyAVR and megaAVR MCU coverage for 8-channel QTouch. Up to 32 channels are available for selected devices. In addition support for UC3A0 series is added, extending the QTouch Library onto the 32-bit MCUs.

QTouch Technology

The Atmel QTouch Library is based on Atmel’s patented charge transfer capacitive touch sensing technology and more than 15 years of real life capacitive touch sensing experience. Charge transfer technology outperforms other capacitive touch sensing acquisition methods in several important areas as ESD, EMC, overlay thickness, Signalto- noise ratio, and last but not least quality feel of the finished product. The Library combined with Atmel’s AVR development tools gives a fast and easy path to a reliable and high quality touch interface.