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32-bit Microcontrollers: AVR32 UC3L

AVR32 UC3L Family Highlights
  • picoPower™ technology sets a new standard for 32-bit MCU power consumption
    • 0.48 mW / MHz active, less than 100 nA shutdown
    • True 1.62 – 3.6V operation
    • SleepWalking peripherals reduces sleep mode power consumption
  • Integrated QTouch™ hardware peripheral
  • FlashVault code protection
  • Peripheral Event System eliminates interrupts processing
  • PWM output on every I/O pin
  • Improved reliability and reduced cost
    • Digital frequency lock loop
    • 1 ppm crystal oscillator precision tuner
    • Clock failure protection
    • Ultra low power oscillators
    • Frequency meter
    • RTC with calendar mode
    • Windowed watchdog
  • 5.5x5.5mm TLLGA or 7x7mm QFN/QFP 48-pin packages
  • 16, 32 or 64 KB Flash
  • Up to 50 MHz operation

Target Applications
The AT32UC3L family targets the following application areas:
  • Capacitive Touch remote controls
  • Capacitive Touch Game Pad
  • Portable and battery operated equipment
  • Human Interface Device
  • Board Controller
  • Industrial Control
  • Communication Protocol translators
  • Backlight LED units

AVR32 UC3L – Technical Details
picoPower™ Technology
Atmel’s picoPower technology sets a new standard for 32-bit MCU power consumption. With innovations such as Dynamic Frequency Scaling, SleepWalking peripherals, Peripheral DMA controller, and Peripheral Event System, the AT32UC3L operates on less than 1.5 uA with the 32 KHz Real Time Clock active, and less than 100 nA with all oscillators stopped. The device features Atmel’s true 1.6V technology, which keeps the device fully operational in systems with supply voltage ranging from 1.62 to 3.60V.
See competitor section of this datasheet for more details on false power consumption
advertising from Atmel’s competitors.
‘SleepWalking’ Peripherals
SleepWalking peripherals reduce the power consumption in sleep mode. By adding intelligence to the peripheral interrupt generator, the peripheral will analyze the incoming data and determine if the CPU needs to be alerted. This significantly reduces power consumption by eliminating countless “false” wakeups of the CPU. On the UC3L, SleepWalking is available in the Capacitive Touch, ADC and TWI (I2C) modules.
Integrated Hardware QTouch
The AT32UC3L’s built-in capacitive touch peripheral unit makes capacitive touch as easy as using just another peripheral. The device supports capacitive touch buttons and sliders, and the hardware support enables the addition of capacitive touch to the application at no additional software overhead. The capacitive touch hardware also allows the microcontroller to wake up from sleep on touch.
‘FlashVault’ Code Protection
The AT32UC3L includes a brand new flash security technology named FlashVault. FlashVault allows the on-chip flash to be partially programmed and locked, creating secure on-chip storage for secret code, keys and software intellectual property. Code stored in the FlashVault will execute as normal but cannot be read, copied or debugged. This allows a device with FlashVault code protection to carry a piece of valuable software such as a math library or an encryption algorithm from a trusted location to a potentially untrustworthy partner where the rest of the source code can be developed, debugged and programmed.
Peripheral Event System
The AT32UC3L introduces Atmel’s Peripheral Event System for the first time on a 32-bit microcontroller. The innovative peripheral event system allows peripherals to send signals (events) directly to other peripherals without involving the CPU. By offloading to the peripheral event system the repetitive task of forwarding these events, the CPU will drastically reduce the time consuming handling of interrupts. This will free up more time for the CPU to handle other tasks in the application, and often allows the CPU to remain longer in one of the AVR32’s many energy saving sleep modes.
Improved Reliability and Reduced Cost
With groundbreaking innovations such as PWM on all GPIO pins, High precision clock system with digital frequency locked loop and crystal oscillator precision tuner, clock failure protection, frequency meter, RTC with calendar mode, windowed watchdog, 9-channel 12-bit ADC, 8 channel Analog Comparator, and embedded trace port, the AT32UC3L is engineered to reduce cost and improve reliability in any design.